She is talented and easy to work with. She voiced a self-taught human mage for our project. She did well with her verbal delivery and she picked up on emotional cues without needing direction or further explanation. She turned her lines in early as well. Very awesome actor here. :)  - Phantasmal Bard Studios 

Embryn is a great performer. She is professional, easy to get along with and she can become a great asset to any of your projects. She is wonderful. - Phantasmal Bard Studios 

Embryn is and has worked as a voice actor for the pilot episode of Drunks & Fanatics. She has delivered her lines very well. We're looking forward to having her on board for future episodes as one of our main characters (Tessa Vivuk) and hope that she also does well in the future. A fantastic voice actor. - Sairren37

Voices the character the character Tessa Vivuk for me in Drunks & Fanatics and has shown considerable improvement in the time between episode 1 and 2. Additionally, the inclusion of context behind the lines has allowed more of the character to come out in the lines she submitted. Embryn has also gone beyond expectations by providing each line in it's own file which helped immensely. - Sairren37

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